The Opening of The Mind Garden

by Sarvasrika Singh, Dragon’s Lair Staff Writer

In a stressful, post-pandemic world, it can be hard to find a moment to breathe. From the hum-drum of daily life in quarantine to the chaos of suddenly returning to school, clubs, teams, and work. In such times, we can often push aside our mental health in exchange for our duties and responsibilities. If you are in need of an oasis to just take a breath and ground yourself, the Mind Garden, located in room 13A, is available to you. You can take five to ten minutes to utilize the space, which has several comfortable chairs, a window seat, books, mindful activities, and more. Please be mindful that it is not a work space. For assistance, there will be a teacher in the adjacent room, but in cases where there are no teachers and the lights are off, the Mind Garden is closed.